Center for Information Initiative

Center for Information Initiative

The Center is located on both the Bunkyo Campus and the Matsuoka Campus, separately. Three divisions, Information Services, Network Operation, and Security Management, cooperatively support the information services for education, research, and hospital work of our university. The Center is proactively working also on public relations and education activities, including issuance of PR magazines and holding workshops and lectures.

Research and Education Center for Regional Environment

This center is involved in research on the preservation and improvement of regional environment by investigating community-based environmental issues. Cooperation by community residents is indispensable for environmental preservation. The Center emphasizes environmental education to support understanding by the general public.

Approximately 36 academic staffs specializing in natural science, engineering, human science, and social science, from the Faculty of Education and Regional Studies and Faculty of Engineering work for the Center. The Center is working hard to solve our immediate community-based environmental issues, especially in Fukui.

Research and Education Program for Life Science

The Research and Education Program for Life Science promotes advanced life science research, in particular from the multiple perspectives and methods, and it also cultivates and educates human resources who will be able to promote future advancement of the life science areas.

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