Fundamental Engineering for Knowledge-Based Society

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Technology supporting a knowledge-based society

Highly-specialized engineers capable of realizing Society 5.0 by leading the steady progress of mathematical science and applying it to the rapid changes of the technology-oriented society

Course introduction

Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems

Our course aims to develop a new type of engineers and researchers who can study biology and nature and think comprehensively about humans, with the goal of realizing intelligent and human-friendly systems.

Information Science

The Information Technology course covers a wide range of fields from computer hardware to software, and deals with technologies related to information and communication systems that are fundamental to the knowledge society.

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

In this course, students learn mathematics, theoretical physics, and computational physics in their area of specialization, as well as in the mathematical sciences and data science more broadly.

Electronic Properties

This course conducts research on the development of new electronic materials, semiconductor materials, electronic devices, and optoelectronic devices through the pursuit of basic knowledge in the fields of electronics engineering, semiconductor physics, and solid- state photo-physics. It mainly consists of the research fields of electronics-related materials, semiconductor surfaces and interfaces, electrical energy, quantum electronics, and optoelectronics.

Electromagnetic Engineering

In this course, students learn science and technology relevant to the electromagnetic engineering, which is one of essential pillars in modern physical engineering, and work on advanced research in this field.