System and Infrastructure Engineering for Safe and Sustainable Society

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Realizing an infrastructure for a safe and secure society

Highly-specialized engineers who work on technological innovations necessary for the creation of a safe, secure, and sustainable society and contribute to the creation of new social infrastructure technologies

Course introduction

Mechanical Design Engineering

Our education and research curriculum include advanced energy utilization technologies in thermos-fluid system and dynamic design, measurement, and control technologies in mechanical systems. We cultivate international mechanical engineers with high ethical standards and the technology to support safe and sustainable manufacturing for a comfortable social life in harmony with the environment from both a hardware and software viewpoint.

Electrical System

We conduct education and research related to the electricity, communication, and systems and its basics, such as renewable energy science, system control and optimization of smart grids, information security for data communication, and computational technology for data processing.

Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our course continuously improves the educational content and develops human resources with practical skills who contribute to the realization of a safe social living environment. The education and research area are the maintenance and conservation of social infrastructure facilities, national resilience in terms of disaster prevention and mitigation, the realization of a health promotion society that responds to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the construction of an environment-friendly society.

Nuclear Safety Engineering

We conduct practical, multidisciplinary education and research on the challenges to ensure safety of nuclear power plants and the surrounding community, to achieve symbiotic society system and power network stability, and to revitalize local industry through technology transfer.