Industrial Innovation Engineering

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Manufacturing in the age of Society 5.0

This major fosters highly specialized engineers with basic knowledge of chemistry, biotechnology, machinery, etc., and technical management skills who can lead manufacturing through research and development in various industries and fields.

Course introduction

Frontier Fiber Technology and Science

The Master’s Program in Frontier Fiber Technology and Science is designed to develop human resources with solid expertise and ethics in textile and fiber engineering. These individuals can contribute to research and development in various industries which use textile materials, such as textile and chemical manufacturers and research institutes. They can also continuously acquire the expertise to solve problems on their own.

Materials Science and Engineering

The Master’s Program in Materials Science and Engineering is designed to nurture human resources who can conduct original and logical research and demonstrate leadership in developing new and functional materials that contribute to a sustainable society. They are human resources with high ethical standards and a challenging spirit who can play an active role in local and international communities.

Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology

The Master’s Program in Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology promotes education and research in the interdisciplinary fields of “chemistry” and “biotechnology” to develop human resources that can contribute to the realization of healthy human life and sustainable and prosperous society. These individuals will possess high ethical standards, advanced knowledge, and skills in chemistry and biotechnology.

Creative Manufacturing Engineering

Our education and research focus on the characterization, design, processing, and evaluation of materials at the nano, micro, and multi scale, and they are based on mechanical engineering. We cultivate engineers who understand the life cycle of engineering materials and contribute to industrial innovation through the creative manufacturing with knowledge and skills to overview the entire manufacturing process.

Innovation and Management

The Master’s Program in Innovation and Management is designed to nurture human resources who can contribute to developing local industries and communities with a sense of management and an entrepreneurial spirit. They are human resources who can link the results obtained through industrial activities to the advancement of engineering from a scientific perspective and proactively engage in research on creating new value and its provision to society.